Welcome to May1601

The goal of the project is to create a standalone security device that can be placed in an industrial network to monitor traffic, looking for security-related deviations, and act as a low interaction honeypot.

Diagram of device internals

With the dependency of electricity in the modern world, defending the functionality and integrity of electrical power plants is integral to the preservation and protection of our daily lives. Power plants handle extremely volatile resources on a continuous round-the-clock basis. In order to keep these systems up and running without fault they are monitored and controlled by numerous components on a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) network. The integrity of this network is of vital importance. Normally these networks are almost completely isolated from the outside world. However, should an intruder somehow gain access to this network, it is important that IT personal be notified immediately and that the cause of the intrusion be identified and closed as soon as possible. This is where Honeypots come in to play. Honeypots disguise themselves as systems on the SCADA net work, mimicking the behavior of other devices on the network while gathering information. Ideally, attackers on the network connect to the Honeypot unknowingly and provide information to the IT staff allowing them to interpret the source of the attack.